Niagara University's Payment Plan Application

Payment Plan applications will not be accepted without prior approval after September 9th for the fall and February 9th for the spring.

Please indicate semester or academic year for which you are applying for:

All payment plan payments must be current to remain on the payment plan through registration. All payment plans will be evaluated in October and March to see if payments are current. If payments are not current there will be a hold on future registration until payments are caught up or paid in full.

Student Information:
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Select Payment Plan Type
Niagara University is now offering two payment plans. Please select which plan you
Plan A Down payment of 20% starting August for Fall/January for Spring and 4 consecutive monthly payments after
Plan B 4 monthly payments starting September for Fall/February for Spring


Financially Responsible Person's Information:
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Niagara University reserves the rights to review all applications, and approve or deny based upon previous payment record and information provided on the application. No applications will be processed on any student with an outstanding balance from a previous semester.

Upon receipt of application, Niagara University will charge the student account a nonrefundable fee of twenty-five dollars per semester for participation in this Niagara University Payment Plan. Depending on the plan chosen this fee entitles the financially responsible individual; Plan A: A 20 percent down payment and four monthly installments per semester or Plan B: Four monthly installments per semester.

Responsible person agrees to satisfy the total estimated amount due in accordance with the estimated charges and estimated credits as determined by the calculation worksheet. The responsible person understands that the calculation worksheet is only an estimate and that payments are due and payable every month according to the monthly statement of account. The responsible person agrees to pay the debt/debts incurred and charged on the students account throughout a semester although you may not personally receive any property and/or services. You may be sued for payment, and become responsible for any collection/legal costs, although the person who receives or has received the property and/or service is able to pay.

I understand that I will be responsible for a 2% late fee on any installment that is not received by the respective due date. If, as the financially responsible person, I fail to submit two or more payments on time, Niagara University reserves the right to cancel this contract, thus, causing the entire semesters balance to become due immediately.

All information concerning this payment plan will be sent to the student's MyNU e-mail account.